Announcements – 3 Dec 2014

Dec 3 Cadet Night:

This weeks parade is a very special parade.  This will be Major Tweten’s retirement parade.  The Reviewing officer will be the Lieutenant Governor, this means the parade must run differently.  The Cadets need to be at the Armoury at 6:00PM or as shortly thereafter as possible so they can help setup but also prep for an early fall in.  Cadets that are overly late will not be able to fall in.

Parents are invited to stay an watch.  Cadets, ensure your uniform is well maintained and your  boots are shine as glass.

The dress of the Day is full uniform with medals

After the parade, there will be a Squadron Photo with the Lieutenant Governor.  Cake and drinks.  The Cadets will be dismissed at that time also…likely around 8:20/8:30pm.

There will be Range on Sunday from 12-3PM.  There are 9 open spots so if you are interested in shooting, please signup….at start of parade night.

Sunday Activities
Please see the calendar for what activities are happening on the weekend.

Chinese Mandarin Orange Fundraiser
Chinese Mandarin Orange Fundraiser orders are due. Please turn orders in to Leslie Bennett by December 3rd without disrupting the  important events of the evening.

Oranges will be delivered to armouries December 10th.

If you are unable to bring your orders this Wednesday – please email in the number of boxes and amount of money collected before Thursday to so that they can still be ordered. The order is going in first thing Thursday, if Leslie doesn’t have your orders you don’t get the oranges.

Ground School:
Those cadets that are taking Ground School, it will run from 6-9pm on Sunday.

National Summer Courses
Those senior Cadets that are eligible for National courses, heads up, the registration time is approaching.  We’ll post information as soon as we have it but you can do some pre-work.  You will need a one page narrative explaining why you would like to attend this course, you SHOULD have a couple of character references, you will need your latest transcript from school(no rush).  Pilots(power/gliding) make your interests known to the CO ASAP as she must submit your name to register for the flying exam in the next few weeks so you can write the exam on January 7th, 2015.

Vimy Ridge:
As advertised last year, the Easter Trip in 2017 will be to London and France.  The main objective is to participate in the Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary.  If you are interested, please see Lt K. Drew for details and register on-line at EF Tours site.

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