Announcements – 18 Feb 2015


This Wednesday nights dress will be full uniform.   Those cadets that were issued an 1812 pin please REMOVE IT from the uniform, you are not to wear it on the uniform now.  That is your pin to keep.


The range team will compete in the Zone (stage 2) competition on Saturday at the Armoury.  The team will consist of the following:

– Jack G
– Eric S
– Daniel O
– Michael P
– Owen M

The team needs to be at the Armoury at 8:15am and we should be done around 3pm (Timing may extend based on delays.  If we are delayed by a lot, Capt Sweitzer will e-mail the team and advise, so check your e-mail around 2:30pm)  If you perfer a text msg, please see Capt Sweitzer on Wed night..  NO UNIFORMS.  Lunch is provided.  (NOTE THE NEW TIME)

No range this Sunday.

Curling team is to meet at the Tim hortons in the Vic square parking lot at 6:15 am on Saturday.  Equipment and meals are provided.  Good luck at the competition.

Sports Night: ***LOCATION CHANGE
Wed 25 Feb is a sports night.  We will meet at the Nortown bowling alley on Rochdale not at the Armoury.  NO UNIFORMS.

Start time:  6:30pm
PICKUP TIME:  8:30pm    ****NOTE THE TIME!

No uniforms.  The lanes and shoe rental is covered by the Squadron.


Effective Speaking:

1:00 – 2:00pm on Sunday.

The Squadron’s effective speaking competition will be Sunday Feb 22nd at 1 pm . We are looking for 2 volunteers to help judge. (you don’t need to be screened) There are 2 participants this year. They will each do a 5-6 minute prepared speech and a 2-3 minute impromptu speech. The judges will be given instructions and scoring sheets when they arrive.

If interested there is information from the National website for volunteer judges below. Please email if you can spare some time on the 22nd . The winner advances to South Zone competition.

Thanks for considering giving your time.

SUPPLY – Cadet Parka:

The 2014 budget is closing on 15 March 2015, this means that no uniforms can be ordered after the 15th of March.  If you need uniform parts please let Capt Sweitzer now on Wed Night.  The 2015 Budget will be available around 1 April so the downtime is short.

I have access to some Cadet Parkas (need to be ordered by 15 March).  If you do not have a Cadet Parka (level ones meet this criteria) or require a larger size, please signup on Wed night at the START of the night so you can be sized.  If you have a parka that is too small, please wash it and return it so it can be reissued.

Flight Sims:
Flight sims on Sunday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.  Signup if interested

Steak Dinner Fundraiser:
Please get those tickets sold.  Steak Dinner fundraiser at the Last Straw on 14 March.  $25/ticket.

Vimy Ridge:

As advertised last year, the Easter Trip in 2017 will be to London and France.  The main objective is to participate in the Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary.  If you are interested, please see Lt K. Drew for details and register on-line at EF Tours site.

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