Leaving on a C-130 Jet Plane

I want to thank the officers, cadets and parent of 41 Hercules Squadron, past and present for an amazing 25+ years as an officer in the squadron.  I did Admin, Range, Supply and Commanding Officer.  I have taken the shooting teams to Ottawa (many times), Regina, Quebec City and Nunavut.  Taken cadets to France, England, and across Canada and the USA.  As a cadet I focused on marksmanship and not so much the finer aspects of the program, but as an officer I got to take in more of the program and train some pretty amazing people.  Three graduated from RMC, one was a tank commander and is now a LCol and base commander.  Two work in the Sqn and one is at region HQ and was Command at Cold Lake Air Cadet camp this year.  One is a doctor in the US.  Another is a helicopter pilot in the air force and another flies for a domestic airline.  One is professional chef (Culinary Institute of America).  Many others very successful.  My career was long and had many positive successes.  I have no regrets retiring now.  It is for a younger group with more vision to carry this program forward.

To the older cadets (level two and up) it was an honour and pleasure to have known you and to have worked with you.  You will do this city and country proud.  For the new cadets, I hope to get to know you over the next few weeks and will regret not getting to share this experience with you.  I have been with 41 for over 28 consecutive years and can tell you there is a lot to learn and to be proud of.  Focus, be disciplined and open minded.  Learn all you can. Trust me, it will pay off when you get older.

All the best to you all, good luck in your futures and have fun!

Captain Jeff Sweitzer (CD)

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