Google Calendar Issue

There is an issue with Google Calendar at this time whereby neither the sidebar nor the Calendar under the menu are populating events, future or past.  This will likely be fixed soon but its a good time to mention that you can add this calendar directly on your phone.

There are a couple ways you can do this

1) If you have a gmail account, you can click on the +Google Calendar image at the bottom of the calendar. It will ask you to log into your gmail account, and then ask if you want to add this shared calendar to your own.

2) You can add a shared calendar to most smart phones.

Departure with Dignity Photo’s are Up!

Thank you to all the cadets, sponsoring committee, and individuals who contributed to a very successful final parade for Major Tweten.  41 would also like to thank all in attendance with over 100 friends and family showing their support on this special occasion.

And a special thank you goes out to Chief Warrant Officer EMS David Reed, ADC, for his valued contributions and advice in preparation of this event.

Photo’s of the evening are now available here

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