2013 ACR Parade Positions

Parade positions for the 2013 Annual Ceremonial Review have been finalized.    Please see below for a complete list of positions and appointments.

Cadet Parade Commander – WOI M. Hughes
Deputy Parade Commander – WOII M. Drew
Squadron Warrant Officer – FSgt. Campbell

Aide-de-camp –WOII D McLeod
Musical Interlude –  Sgt K. Siganski

Bandit Flight

Flight Commander –  Fsgt A. Drew
Flight Sgt –  Sgt J. Kinneberg
Right Marker – Sgt B. Notschaele
Centre Marker –Sgt C. Chibi
Rear Marker – Sgt S. Eastley

Cobra Flight

Flight Commander –  Fsgt C. Caldwell
Flight Sgt –  Sgt J. Gehring
Right Marker – Sgt J. Amundson
Centre Marker –FCpl H. Ryder
Rear Marker – Sgt R. Harris



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