Remembrance Day Activites

Image For those of you going to the Brandt Centre tomorrow, you are to meet between 9:30-9:45am, in the lobby around the box Office (East end of Brandt Centre)  Please be in Full uniform.

We’re not sure what time Evraz will start charging for vehicle admission for Agribition, but it will be around the time the ceremony ends.   All in attendance for the Remembrance Day ceremony will get free access to Agribition for the day.

If you cannot stay, be back at the Brandt Centre NO LATER than 11:30am to pick your Cadet up.   The ceremony ends approximately 11:20am.  Be advised that with Remembrance Day, Heavy Construction, Agribition and other shows that weekend, getting in and out of the parking lot after 11am is a always troublesome and will be worse this year if you’re not already inside.

Victoria Park Cenotaph

The six Cadets going to the Cenotaph are to meet at 1855 Lorne St (kitty corner to the Library).   Ensure you bring your Cadet Parka’s, toque, black gloves and wear extra socks as it will be cold out tomorrow morning.   As with the Brandt Centre, the service will end shortly after 11:00am.

Other Locations

Out of town: on 11 Nov, it has been tradition in the Squadron over the years to have Cadets from out of town to participate in their towns Remembrance Day service.

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