Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend, the RUSI Regina

20140731-125202-46322861.jpgIn 1919, shortly after the end of the first World War the Royal United Services Institute of Regina was formed. Since then it has coordinated and facilitated countless activities in support of the Canadian Forces, its members and families including the Cadet program.

For years 41 has been using the RUSI for many functions ranging from Christmas dinners and sponsor meetings, to weekend training and more. Without argument, the most important function we held each year is our annual Mess Dinner.

Military style mess dinners are unique in that they are rich in traditions and customs that have been passed down for generations. Customs like pouring of the port (or grape juice for Cadet functions) and the specific way it must be handled based on traditions. The Airforce doesn’t let it touch the table while Navy doesn’t let it leave, the Army… well Army have a few traditions.

Other customs like seating arrangements, entrance and departure of dignitaries and participants, use of a gavel, etiquette to address the head table and consequences for doing so incorrectly are all unique to a military mess dinner.

The staff of RUSI are knowledgable in these traditions and know how to support them in their unique ways.

But in June of this year the RUSI closed its doors forever. The facility, built in the 1940’s, was at a point where major renovations were required to maintain its operation. They’d come at a cost the government and RUSI organization could not warrant.

From all of us at 41 we say good bye and thank you for your service and many great memories.

A summary of the long and distinguished history of the RUSI Regina can be found on their website.     RUSI Regina

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