Announcements – 2 Sept 2015

Cadets Starts
The 2015-16 training year is starting on Wednesday 2 September at the Regina Armoury.  Fall in starts at 6:25pm in SUMMER DRESS uniform (or as much as you still fit).  This means, boots, pants and shirt.   For New cadets, registration will start around 6:15pm and will go until 9:00pm.

All Cadets will have to complete the Medical Questionnaire again this year which must be completed ASAP.  Please have your parents come in at the start of the night to complete the form.  Lt K. Drew will have them in the Classroom upstairs.

As mentioned in a previous e-mail, please do not bug the Supply Officer regarding new uniform parts.  Please complete the form that was e-mailed to you or pick one up on Wed night at the Signup table(next to attendance) and drop the completed form in the box.  Appointments will be made based on these forms.  No form…no new uniform…

If you are returning old parts, please make sure they are washed, your name is on it some how and please place them in the Rubbermaid container that will be by the signup table.

Also remember that you require a NOTEBOOK and PEN each night.

The fall gliding date is Saturday 3 Oct 2015 in Moose Jaw.  This is open to ALL cadets, especially the New cadets.  Returning Cadets, you must have a completed Medical to be eligible.  Please get that completed (with your parents) on your first night back.

Details and timings will be released as soon as transport is set.  Please signup if you are interested.

Those interested in running as a way to exercise or get ready for biathlon stage 1 there will be a meeting at Douglas Park track. Same as last year. Those that are interested should signup and leave email and phone number in case an officer can not make it. We will discuss attendance and practice times at this first meeting

Squadron Website:
The main communications and calendar are posted on the website   Please visit the site weekly so you can stay up to date on upcoming events and communications.

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