Announcements – 11 November 2015

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day is a mandatory event for all the Cadets.  If you have a uniform by them make sure it is clean and neat.  There are two main services that we attend…Cenotaph and Brandt Centre.  The Cenotaph is generally for the older Cadets and are chosen by the officers.  If you think you want to do this please make sure you see Supply in the next 2 weeks to get sized for a parka, gloves and toque.  The rest (majority) of the Squadron will be at the Brandt Centre.  Cadets will arrive through the players entrance on the south side of the building between 9:30am-9:45am.  Some cadets will be on parade, the rest will help with the offertory.  There will be no cadets that night.

Please make sure to arrange a pickup location at the Brandt Centre.  Parents, if you are not staying please plan to be back at the Brandt Centre for 11:15am.  Cadets will be done hopefully around that time.  There is very limited parking near the building and driving in the lot, due to construction, is difficult.  When the service ends, approx 5000 people will be exiting, very difficult to get back into the lot.

Ground School:
Ground school will be on Sunday – 6:30pm – 9:00pm. All welcome but must be level 3 and 15 years old to write the exam.   Recommend bringing a USB key and a copy of From The Ground Up.

Flight Sims
There will be flight sims on Sunday 2:00-5:00pm at the Armoury.  No uniforms.  Open to anyone.  Space is limited though.

Drill Team:
If you are interested in being apart of the percision drill team, practice will be on Sunday from 2:00-3:00pm at the Armoury.  No uniforms but bring your boots.


Those cadets in band that applied for Muscon, that is Scheduled for 13-16 Nov.

Fundraising Dinner:
Fundraising Dinner.  Once again Siman Auto has asked the Cadets to act as servers and dishwashers at their Staff Christmas party.  We are looking for 6 Cadets (need 1-2 more) from Level 3 and above to do the service(530pm start) and then help with the cleanup.  We will also be looking for 2-3 other cadets to help around 8PM-11ish with the cleanup.  Signup and more details will be available in the next few weeks.  The staff will choose the servers from the signup list.

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