Announcements – 2 December 2015

We have authorization now to use the Range.  There will be shooting on Sunday afternoon from 12:00pm – 3:30pm.  This is open to all training levels but only 12 Cadets will be able to attend.  Priority over the next couple of weeks is to train advance techniques and find 4 shooters for the Competitive Range Team.  NO UNIFORMS.  Signup Wed Night.

Lord Strathcona Tournament:
The tournament for the volleyball team is this Saturday.  Capt Giesinger will have all the details on Wednesday night for the team.

Ground School:
Ground school will be on Sunday – 6:30pm – 9:00pm. All welcome but must be level 3 and 15 years old to write the exam.   Recommend bringing a USB key and a copy of From The Ground Up.

Flight Sims
There will be flight sims on Sunday 2:00-5:00pm at the Armoury.  No uniforms.  Open to anyone.  Space is limited though.

Drill Team:
If you are interested in being apart of the precision drill team, practice will be on Sunday from 2:00-3:00pm at the Armoury.  No uniforms but bring your boots.

There will be band practice from 1:00pm – 2:00pm on Sunday.

Fundraising Dinner:
Fundraising Dinner.  Once again Siman Auto has asked the Cadets to act as servers and dishwashers at their Staff Christmas party.  We are looking for 6 Cadets (need 1-2 more) from Level 3 and above to do the service(530pm start)  on Fri 10 Dec and then help with the cleanup.  We will also be looking for 2-3 other cadets to help around 8PM-11ish with the cleanup.  Details have been e-mailed to the Cadets who are participating.

Tuesday night from 5 – 6 pm at the Tartan for all those interested in playing for the sqn.  No experience or equipment required.

Christmas Break:
The Squadron will be on stand-down (no Cadets) from 23- Dec to 5 Jan.  We will start up again on 6 January.

Summer Courses
Summer Course information and signups will be coming out very shortly.  The time line to register for Summer courses is VERY short.  Level One Cadets, your choice is simple….General Training.  Level 2 and up, you have choices to make.  Read the information that is available and make sure you meet the Age and or Training Level requirements.  Lt Drew will have info out as soon as it is available.

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