Announcements – 16 March 2016


There will be Range for the RANGE TEAM only on Sunday. 12-3:00.  We will be combining the Standing and Prone positions so please make every effort to attend.  Including the Spare.

The team will be moving on to Provincials on 1-3 April in Prince Albert!   Congrats team.


Clothing Order:
Order has been submitted, clothing will be in next week.

Floor hockey :
Sunday 5-6pm, equipment provided, welcome to bring your own of you wish. No experience required

Survivair Team:

If you are interested in being on the sqn survival team for the provincial competition please sign up. Must be available for the weekend of 27 – 29 May.

Easter Trip:

$200 commitment fee due to the parents committee by 16 March or you can sell 4 books of raffle tickets, see parents committee for details.

Commitment Fee due to the parents committee 16 March.  Parent Packages will be handed out at that point, for both parents and cadets to read.  Pages with smiley faces need to be filled out and returned prior to the trip.

Sports Night
The next scheduled Squadron sports night is Wednesday 23 March.  Please do not wear your uniform and wear appropriate sports attire.

Supply – Silver belts:
The new silver buckle belts are in.  Supply has 60 belts and some larger ones are on order.  If you do not have a new belt with silver buckle, please see Capt Sweitzer in Supply.

Weekend Activites:
See the Activities calendar on the main page.

50/50 ticket Fundraiser
The Progressive 50/50 draw books are available for sale on Wednesday nights.  Please see the sponsors on the parade Square at dismissal to signed out books for sale.

Debit/Credit card machine:
There is a debit machine now available for purchases if needed

Vimy Ridge:
The Squadron is planning a EF Tour trip to Vimy France over Easter NEXT YEAR (2017)  If you are interested and not yet signed up, please see Lt K Drew.  You are 100% responsible for funding.

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