Announcements – 4 May 2016

Survivair Team Practice:

SATURDAY 3-5 pm WASCANA PARK.  Meet infront of the Queen Building.

If you have signed up you must be at the Armories at 7:45am on Sunday.  If you are late the bus will not wait for you.
Lunch is provided but it is boxed lunched containing roast beef and egg salad sandwiches, if you can not eat the box lunches please pack your own lunch.

Graduating Cadet:
After 7 years, WO1 Jack G is turning 19 on Wednesday and as a result has to graduate from Cadets.  .  There will be a short presentation on parade for Jack.  Thank you for all your service to the Squadron Jack and best of luck!

Parents Info Session – Summer Training Q&A:
Your cadet has applied for course or you hope they will next year but you have questions…we have answers.  11 May 2016 7:00pm-8:30PM at the Armoury.  Come out and learn about Summer courses and ask questions.

Signup sheets:
When applicable, we do have signup sheets out for activities.  Cadets need to signup (or check name off) to attend certain activities.  We use these for counts when we need food, lodging and transport.  We also use them to set timings and to contact you if things change.  In most cases the signup sheets are available on Wed night on the table where you do attendance.  Signup at that time or throughout the night.  AFTER Cadets is done (9pm) we don’t want people signing up.  Please take time at the start of the night or canteen.

We understand that life gets in the way sometimes and you can’t make a Cadet night.  Please call the office 306-757-2252 or email using the link on this webpage to state that you cannot make it.  Please try to do so before 6:30pm

 Music Level Testing:
If you are in band, the level testing is on 7 May 2016 in Saskatoon.

Survival Day:

May 14  10am – 2:30pm.  in Wascana park.  Meet outside the Queen Building at 10 am, pick up at 2:30, no uniforms, dress weather appropriate, lunch provided.

Mess Dinner:
The annual Mess dinner and awards will be held on 29 May 2016.  Location to be determined.  Parents you are not invited to the dinner but are most definitely invited to the awards starting at 8PM.

Annual Ceremonial Review:
The end of the cadets year is done with a big parade, the Annual Ceremonial Review…ACR for short.  This is open to parents, family and friends.  Special reviewing officer and a few awards.  This will also be a Change of Command parade…getting a new CO.  Attendance is mandatory so make every effort to attend.  ACR will be on Wed 1 June 2016

Do you sew?  Do you enjoy sewing?  The Supply officer can now order the sew on Wedge patches.  Wedges (head dress) used to come without a patch or Brass (insignia).  The used to be a “brass” and got added after.  Now they are sewn on and come with the wedge.  If there are parents out there who can and are willing to sew, I can order patches for the older wedges that are still serviceable rather than throwing them out.  If you are interested in sewing a few please contact Jeff Sweitzer at

Weekend Activites:
See the Activities calendar on the main page.

50/50 ticket Fundraiser
The Progressive 50/50 draw books are available for sale on Wednesday nights.  Please see the sponsors on the parade Square at dismissal to signed out books for sale.

Debit/Credit card machine:
There is a debit machine now available for purchases if needed but it needs to be requested in advance.  Please e-mail the Parent sponsor committee if you need to use the machine for purchases.

Vimy Ridge:
The Squadron is planning a EF Tour trip to Vimy France over Easter NEXT YEAR (2017)  If you are interested and not yet signed up, please see Lt K Drew.  You are 100% responsible for funding.


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