Announcements – 14 September 2016

Cadets Starts:
Don’t forget, the new training year has started!  Try to be there and ready for fall in at 6:25pm.  If you can not make a cadet night, please call the office before 6:30pm so you can be marked as an excused absent.

Medical Forms:
All Returning Cadets MUST
complete a medical form before they are eligible to part-take in the training.  The forms for EACH cadet will be available Wednesday night.  Please have your parents come into the Armoury first thing to sign the forms.  This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!


Fall date for gliding is 24 September.  Signup if you are interested.  You will be notified if you are put on the list to go.  First priority is to the cadets that have not flown before.  If you are selected, you need to be at the Armoury for 7:30am dressed for the weather.  Lunch is provided.

Bring a Hat (must have)
Water bottle (must have)
closed toe shoes
Bug Spray
jacket if it is cold
something to entertain your self while you wait.  Homework???

****SIGNUP if you are interested.

Some of you have likely grown over the summer.  If you need new uniform parts please complete the form that will be available on Wednesday night on the signup table.  The Supply officer will use that form to better schedule time for you in Supply.  DO NOT talk to the Supply Officer about needing new parts, complete the form.

You will need to know what size you have and whether or not you need the new part(s) to be longer, wider or both

Sample sizes:
Tunic (jacket) – Found on the tag in the collar….7032
Pants – Found in side the pants, usually sewn into the back pocket….7032
shirt – Should be in the neck or on the tag in the bottom of the shirt (males = 12) (Female = 10m)
Boots – Usually a black tag in the tongue.  270/95
Wedge (hat) – inside on the tag   7 3/4

There will be a couple of bins under the signup table for parts you are returning.  Please label the part (pin a piece of paper with your name on it or write on the bag) with your name so we know who is returning uniform parts.

Sizing will start as soon as possible with the Parade positions and working down.  The Ordering system in Montreal has not yet granted access so ordering uniforms will be somewhat delayed.

Announcements and Webpage:
Please take time out of your busy Schedules on Tuesday night or sometime Wednesday to READ the announcements.  We try to post the announcements on the webpage on TUESDAY NIGHT around 6PM.  In conjunction to that, take time to view the calendar as some activities like Flight sims are usually only announced on the calendar.



Any Cadets interested in being a part of the Squadron Biathlon Team must now be running in preparation for the beginning of the season next month. Running practices will be held on Tuesday evenings(Starting 13 Sept) at the Douglas park track from 6-7pm, come dressed for the weather. If you are not interested in being on the team but would still like to run you are also welcome.

Field Training Exercise:
The fall Training exercise is scheduled for 7-9 Oct 2016 at Saskadet.  This is the Thanksgiving long weekend but you should be home before supper.  More details and kit list will follow shortly.  Please signup if you are interested in going.

Signup sheets:
Throughout the year there will be signup sheets out on the table where we do announcements.  Please Read the announcements prior to coming to cadets so you know what signup sheets/activities are happening and signup when you get to cadets at 6:15.  In most cases the signup sheets will not be available at the end of the night to speed up dismissal.  If you signup and can’t make it, please scratch your name or advise an officer as soon as possible.  In most cases the signups are used to order transport and food.  If you signup and don’t show up you waste squadron or DND money.  MAKE SURE YOU BRING A PEN TO EVERY CADET NIGHT, no pens are supplied for signing up for activities.

Range will start in October.  If you would like to be on the competitive team please make your wishes known to Capt Sweitzer.  The team consists of 5 shooters minimum 2 shooters need to be 14 years or younger.  Every time you shoot you are trying out for the team, whether you wanted to or not.  Your scores are entered into the database and analyzed weekly.  Closer to Christmas Capt Sweitzer analyzes the score and invites those who best fit the team to be a part of the new team.  If you are interested, accept if not you may decline and the next person will be asked.  Whether you are on the range team or not, when there is shooing YOU MUST signup on the signup sheet when it is available.  There are only 9 spots per session.  The signup sheet is available on the Wednesday nights PRIOR to the Sunday practice.  If you can’t be at Cadets that Wednesday you can text or e-mail capt Sweitzer ( and if there is room he will add you to the list.  If you signup and you can’t make it that Sunday, Please inform Capt Sweitzer by 6PM Saturday.  If there are enough interested that there is a spares list, someone will be called to take your place.  If it leaves us short and it is not worth training that  Sunday, Capt Sweitzer will call the remaining cadets to cancel.

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