Familiarization Flying

The Squadron has rented two Cessna 172 aircraft on Saturday 18 March 2017 at the Regina Flying Club.  Flight will be approx. 20 min (plus 10 min turn around).  If you would like to take a few minutes out of the day and go flying around Regina, please signup at Cadets.  Signup will be available until Wednesday 8 March.  There are two planes taking 3 cadets each.  Signup as an individual in a time slot that works for you or as a group of three.  You must be at the Flying Club 15 Minutes before your scheduled flight and are free to leave immediately after.  Flights start at 10am and finish at 2:00pm.  This is the last week to signup and there are a few spots still available.

Please signup quickly.  Capt Sweitzer would like to submit the Names and weights of the cadets to the Regina Flying club NLT 16 March so they can do their weights and balances.

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