Refresher Weekend – November 4 & 5th

Refresher weekend is this Saturday and Sunday from 9-4:30 each day.   This is a mandatory training weekend so if you cadet is not able to make it, please ensure they are letting us know in the usual way – via phone, email or the website.

Cadets are to bring a non-heatable lunch for both days.   Be advised we do have cadets with serious nut and seed allergies, so no peanut butter or sunflower seeds please.

Saturday cadets are to bring (not wear) their full uniforms.  As we will be teaching them uniform care.  Please ensure uniform parts are labeled with cadets name.

Sunday they are also to bring a swimsuit, towel and a quarter for their locker as we will be going swimming .

***For pickup on Saturday – due to the Rider game you will need to pick up from the North East end of the Armoury on – take Dewdney to Argyle and turn onto 9th Avenue – as the roads will be blocked off for the game.

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