March 13th Announcements


Range on Sunday 17 March 2013

The Range is open only to the Range team and the Spares.

The results from Zones is still not available but we will practice with the assumption that we are through to the next round.

We will go down to the range at 12pm. If the doors are locked after 12pm you will need to call Capt Sweitzer 536-8089 and wait for the doors to be open.

Floor Hockey

Sunday 5-6pm, everyone welcome please sign up so we know who to expect.

Easter Trip

The Squadron will be going on a trip from 2-5 April to Edmonton Alberta, open to all interested Cadets. Please sign up. Parent Packages Distributed were distributed last week, keep the itinerary and kit list. The other forms must be signed and returned. Commitment fees were due last Wednesday night.

Flight Sims

No Flight Sims this week.

Parent/Sponsor Meeting

The next Parent/Sponsor meeting will be held on Wed 10 April 2013. The meeting at 6:45.

Attend the meeting and have your name entered in a draw for a night at the movies.

The Sponsor Committee plays a very important role in the Squadron and the executive really needs your help. Many hands really does make light work. The time commitment is not very much when work can be distributed around to many people. One of the main jobs is Recruiting and Fundraising. A Squadron like ours is very active and we do many types of activities in hope that we can provide something for everyone. However, a lot of these activities have a financial cost attached which is not supported by DND. This money is raised by the sponsor committee. The committee members burn out easy when there is only a few to do the work. Please come out, Support the sponsor committee and your Cadet.


Sample photos of Cadets will appear on the website in the next week or so with instructions on how to order copies if you so wish. The cost of the photo’s is as a fundraiser that will go back to the parents committee.

Retake night will be April 10th (CO’s parade) If you missed your portrait picture, or don’t like the one taken, this will be your last chance.

Clothing Order

The clothing order has been submitted and should be available for pickup on the night of 27 March.

Here is a list of upcoming activities and dates. You can find these on the Squadron calendar located at:

If you click on the activity while in the calendar, you can see more details (timings and other important info). DO NOT E-MAIL the 41herc address if you have questions. That is not monitored. Please e-mail Capt Sweitzer or the Officer in Charge of the activity if you have questions.

2-5 April – Easter Trip – Edmonton, AB
10 April – Sponsor Meeting (open to all parents. Please help out)
13 Apr – Provincial (stage 3) Marksmanship
24 Apr – Level 1 Airport Tour (Regina Airport)
1 May – Sponsor Meeting (open to all parents. Please help out)

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