Range Sunday 12-3pm for the following Cadets

– Drew A

Curling Practice at the Tartan on Sunday from 10am – 11am

Sqn Photo Night
The Squadron photo will be on Wed 5 Feb.  Please be in Full uniform and Medals (don’t forget your wedges).  Please try to be on time as this will likely happen at the start of the night.

Effective Speaking
– Effective speaking packages are now available from 2Lt. K Drew.  First draft of speeches are due February 5, please bring them to cadets with you so 2Lt K Drew can review them.

Drill team
Drill team practice will be February 9 from 6 – 8 PM at the Armoury. Uniform not required but please bring your boots.

Familiarization Flying
The Squadron has rented two cessna 172 aircraft on 8 March 2014.  Both aircraft can fly 3 Cadets each.  There will be a signup sheet available starting this week.  Please signup for a time slot (10am-2pm every 40 min) .  You can partner with 2 others and fly together if you wish.  Please write down what time you signed up for!

Cadets are asked to be at the Regina Flying Club 15 min before their flight.  NO UNIFORMS and Dress warm…remember it will be colder when you are in the air.  The flight last approx 40 minutes including taxiing.  Parents, due to very limited space, we ask that you stick around if possible so you are there when the flight ends to take your Cadet home.

Duke of Ed Program
If you are already enrolled in the Duke of Ed program and are interested in a Week Long Trip to Kananaskis please see 2Lt S Drew for an application.  Here are the details we have from the DofE office:

“…Cadets who maybe applicable to attend the Tim Horton’s Camp in Kananaskis-April 21-25, 2014.
The criteria to apply is:
1) Registered with the Duke of Ed programme
2) Fit the income criteria range(on the bottom of the pre-lim application)
3) Able to leave home for the designated time frame; socially, emotionally and physically able.
The programming at the camp will be preliminary training, practice journey(all levels) and qualifying journey(Bronze).
The deadline for the pre-lim Camp application is January 31st, 2014. Upon application approval; There will be 3 more forms to complete for Tim Horton’s attendance.”

Canadian Tire Money:
The squadron collects Canadian Tire Money, so rather than having those 5 and 10 cent papers floating around your house bring them in and we will put them towards equipment for the unit.

Vimy Ridge – April 2017

Official registration for our 2017 Vimy Ridge trip will be open on Februray 5. 2Lt K Drew will be on hand at the parent meeting for any question and registrations. EF tours will be finalizing the tour pricing within the next few weeks and we should have this information at the parent meeting. There is a $99.00 per person non-refundable registration fee that will need to be paid upon registration.

Upcoming Dates:
22 Feb – Stage 2 Marksmanship Competition
8 Mar – Fam Flying

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