41 Cadets Meet Commander Hadfield

28 March 2014 – Corporal and LAC Bennett got the privilege of meeting Canada’s favourite astronaut, Chris Hadfield in Regina tonight. Retired Col. Hadfield was in town for a fundraising event at which he sponsored several cadets from the Regina & Saskatoon area to participate in.

41 Cadets Meeting Commander Chris Hadfield

When asked what she hoped to get out of the evening, LAC Bennett said she’d really like to shake his hand.  By the end of the night she’d had that opportunity and more.  In addition to a firm handshake, she got an opportunity to talk to him, get his autograph and even a photo.

As a participant in the upcoming effective speaking competition, Corporal Bennet had already chosen Commander Hadfield as his topic of choice.  So when asked how tonight’s experience might impact his speech, he indicated he has a lot of rewriting to do. “It really made some of the things he’s done feel more real, after meeting him in person” said Corporal Bennett.

Cpl Bennett with Commander Hadfield

The Bennett’s also walked away with autographed copies of Chris Hadfield’s new book, An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth,

Both Cadets took a lot away from the evening including some interesting trivia like the fact that Chris is afraid of heights.  We can look forward to them giving a short presentation on what they learned in the coming weeks.

More photo’s of the evening can be found on Prairie Cadet Smugmug site.

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