Camp Saskadet Paint Party

Camp Saskadet is an amazing league owned and maintained complex used by cadets of all three elements. From field training exercises (FTX) to the provincial Biathlon completion, the camp is bustling nearly year round.

The camp, comprised of two of barracks buildings, a rec centre, mess hall, caretakers accommodations, stores and several out buildings is located near Kelvington.

While the league receives funding from DND for its use, the upkeep and maintenance costs are maximized through the use of volunteer work parties.

Pete Garton, Camp Saskadet Chair is planning a small paint party on the August 22nd through 24th weekend.

He’s looking for 6-8 people to come up and help with the painting. If you’re available to help please contact him by August 15th.

Food and accommodations will be provided as will a tax receipt for travel to and from Camp Saskadet.

If you can lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated. It’s help from volunteers like you that keeps this camp viable for cadets.

For more information contact either Pete Garton at 306-789-0421 or the office at 306-780-9285.

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