Fall Field Ex:
The fall field ex is scheduled for  10-12 October at Camp Saskadet (THIS WEEKEND).  All Cadets interested/Able to attend should have already signed up.  If you haven’t the list will be available until 7pm Wed night.

The Kit list was handed out last week.  If you did not get one, please see Lt S Drew.

Cadets can start to arrive at the Armoury AFTER 4PM (do not arrive before 4) but before 4:30.  Make sure you have all your luggage and the permission slip.

Bus will leave at 5PM on Friday and return around 5PM on Sunday.

**Supper will not be provided.  Eat before you come.  Should you not be able to eat prior, please bring a HEALTHY (no junk food or pop) bag lunch to eat at the Armoury or on the bus.  ABSOLUTELY NO JUNK FOOD or CANDY is to be brought on the exercise.



No Range this Sunday due to the Field Ex

What is range?   Range is the Marksmanship (shooting) program.  Capt Sweitzer runs a recreational and competitive shooting program for the cadets.  The cadets are taught how to safely handle and shoot the Daisy .188 air rifle.  Some will go on the compete against other cadets from around the province and Canada.  No experience is required as you will be taught everything you need to know.

Biathlon Training:

Thanks to those that came to practice on Friday.  Those cadets interested in participating in Biathlon we will be practicing Saturday mornings at 9:00 at Douglas park hill until further notice. Don’t forget to do your core strengthening and get out and run during the week.


Are you creative?  Interested in acting?  Just like to have fun?  Improv just might be what you are looking for.  The Squadron will be starting up its improv group starting Sunday 19 Oct.  If you are interested signup on Wed night.

Drill Team:

The Squadron Drill team will start on Sunday 19 Oct.  Please signup if you are interested.  This team does a silent drill demonstration in a small Lord Strathcona competition in January.  No restrictions…open to all training levels and ages.  We’ll teach you everything you wanted to know about drill.

Effective Speaking:

The Air Cadet League holds an annual Effective Speaking competition.  If you’d like to take part in this activity (and work on bettering you skills very important life skill), please see Lt K. Drew for a package with all the details.

Ground School:

No ground school this weekend due to the Field Ex.


Level one cadets, your uniforms have arrived!!!  You will be called down to supply by the SupO as time permits.  Please be prompt in going to Supply when asked for.

Name tags will be ordered this week.


Cadets, please remember to check in nightly at he signup table with Capt Sweitzer to get your attendance taken.  Please also signup for activities at that time also.  Please remember to bring your own pen.

If you can not attend Cadets on a Wed night, Please call the Office at 306-757-2252 or Click on the “Contact Us -> Attendance Form” Option in the menu here on the website.

Vimy Ridge:
As advertised last year, the Easter Trip in 2017 will be to London and France.  The main objective is to participate in the Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary.  If you are interested, please see Lt K. Drew for details and register on-line at EF Tours site.

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