Announcements – 15 April 2015

Squadron Survival Day

Date:  Saturday 18 April
Time:  10am – 2pm
Meeting Location:   HMCS Queen (2800 Broad St)
Mandatory activity
Also used to help select squadron suvivair team
Dress in layers!
Day includes
– building fires
– erecting tents
– first aid
– navigation
– and more
No Range on Sunday.  Jack and Eric will compete in the Provincial Competition on 18 April at the RCMP Depot.  Jack/Eric, please meet at the RCMP Range at 7:45am.  Good Luck.

Level One Cadets – Tour:
Post-poned until a later date.

Mess Dinner and Awards
The Squadron’s year end “mess” dinner and awards will be held on Wednesday 20 May 2015 at the Royal Canadian Legion on Cornwall St.  The Dress will be full uniform But with a White shirt and black bowtie.  If you can’t get a white shirt/bowtie, please just wear the full uniform.  The Dinner will be for the CADETS only and other invited guests.  The Awards will be at 8:00pm and OPEN to parents at that time.

Annual Ceremonial Parade
The FINAL parade night of the year will be on Wednesday 27 May 2015. This will be out Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR).  This parade will have a Guest RO (the OC of the 38 Brigade) and is open to family and friends.  A few awards will be handed out at this time.

Vimy Ridge:

As advertised last year, the Easter Trip in 2017 will be to London and France.  The main objective is to participate in the Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary.  If you are interested, please see Lt K. Drew for details and register on-line at EF Tours site.

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