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As a frequent user of camp Saskadet, we’re fortunate to have a facility such as this available.  It’s the only such facility in Saskatchewan, where as all other provinces have facilities directly supported by DND.  Camp Saskadet is completely funded by the Air Cadet League of Saskatchewan the the majority of its operating costs covered through donation and use of the camp.

Aviva has established a one million dollar community fund which will be distributed to groups and organizations that gain the most votes.   Saskadet has been short-listed as one of the potential communities to receive funds, but it needs your votes!  You can vote once per day, per person until October 23rd.   Your votes may be the ones who help ensure Saskadet is awarded some of these much needed funds.

Below is the information posted on the Aviva Community Fund page.  Click the link below and create an account to vote for your camp!

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is completely free to all male and female youth ages 12-18 and is recognized as one of the top youth movements in Canada. The aims of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets are to develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, to promote physical fitness and stimulate an interest in aviation. Summer training courses offer flying and gliding scholarships, international exchange visits, technical courses, leadership courses, athletic scholarships, space technology courses and survival training. Locally Camp Saskadet provides free of charge opportunities for camping, outdoor recreation and physical fitness training.

There are 2 entities which combined make up the Air Cadet organization 1)The Air Cadet League of Canada Saskatchewan Provincial Committee which is a voluntary public service organization made up of more than 500 volunteers who donate much of their time to promote the Air Cadet program. 2) The league committees at the local level provide sponsorship and support for air cadet squadrons; including accommodation, transportation, scholarships and amenities, and specialized training equipment. We provide the funding necessary to create opportunities for our youth.

Some of these opportunities involve outdoor activities such as biathlon and survival courses. In order to facilitate and maximize these activities for our cadets, the Saskatchewan Air Cadet League built a facility called Camp Saskadet on Round Lake within a Recreation Site approximately 20 miles northeast of Kelvington, SK. The Camp has been in existence for over 40 years. It is an excellent venue used mainly for weekend training not only by our Air Cadets, but also by the Army and Sea Cadets in our province. A volunteer (Saskadet) committee, drawn from our Board of Directors, oversees the operation/maintenance functions of the Camp and there is a full time paid Custodian on site as well to maintain the Facility and make it available year round for activities. The Camp is the most expensive entity that we maintain to support the cadet program, and exists on private donations and ongoing fundraising.

Our current onsite residence is 60 yrs old, non-repairable due to its age and is in need of replacement. The cost to replace the residence is in excess of $50,000. We hope to use any funding received to offset the huge financial burden the replacement of the camp residence will have on our organization. Without the residence we have no where to house our onsite custodian which would eliminate the year round accessibility of Camp Saskadet.

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