Announcements – 21 October 2015

Car Raffle Tickets DUE!!!!
The Car Raffle tickets that were handed out at the beginning of the year are due this Wednesday.  All books and money…sold or not sold is due back.  If you forget or lost a book(s) you will be financially responsible.

Ground School:
Ground school will be on FRIDAY this week 5:00pm-7:00pm. All welcome but must be level 3 and 15 years old to write the exam.   Recommend bringing a USB key and a copy of From The Ground Up (Limited copies available from Sqn, See Capt Giesinger)

Sponsor Committee Meeting
There will be a Sponsor meeting on Wednesday starting at 6:45pm at the Armouries.

No band this week

Drill Team:
No drill team this week.

There will be a biathlon practice on Friday at 5:00pm at the Douglas Park Track.

Poppy Day
The cadets will be assisting the Legion again this year with Poppy day on 31 Oct 2015.  Cadets who can make it will be split into two groups.

Group 1:  8:30am – 1230pm

Group 2: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Lunch is provided.  Cadets should meet at the Victoria Club (1300 Victoria Ave) a few minutes before your start time.  We are looking for 10-15 Cadets for each shift and if there are screen parents that can drive that would be a great help.  Dress is full uniform (if you have it) or really nice dress clothes as you will be in the public eye.  You will be stationed at an entrance to a store outside for a couple of hours, dress appropriately (jacket, gloves).

Please signup and designate AM or PM beside your name.

Newbie Weekend:
There is a newbie weekend for all Levels (especially level One Cadets) on Sat 7 Nov and Sun 8 Nov.  Please signup.  This is not an overnight event.  More details next week.

Help Saskadet

The Air Cadet League- Saskatchewan Committee is asking for your immediate and urgent assistance in a fundraising project for Camp Saskadet.  Our project has been accepted as one of the many projects being reviewed for $1,000,000 in funding from Aviva under their Community Fund.  Our project stands to receive up to $100,000 if our project receives the most on-line votes by October 23rd.  We should be easily able to do this if everyone participates!
We are asking each cadet family to register on-line using their e-mail address and vote each day for the Camp Saskadet project which is found by using the “search” feature and typing in Camp Saskadet. Please note: Family and friends can also register and vote for our project.
You will need to go to the Aviva website and sign in using your e-mail address and your e-mail password.  Aviva will send you a confirmation e-mail back after which you are good to vote each day after signing in until Oct. 23rd.
With 1,000 Air Cadets in Saskatchewan, we would be guaranteed to win this funding if everyone participates and votes for our project.

Please take a few moments and go to:

Please vote every day and help us avoid the need to fundraise this amount through more difficult means.

Thanks very much for your support of this great fundraising opportunity!

Fundraiser – Jube-Jubes
Each cadet has received a case, please attach the labels  that came with the case to the bags  and then sell for $4 a bag. Once your case is sold return the money to the parents committee ASAP.

Upcoming Events:

11 Nov 2015:  Remembrance Day is a mandatory event for all the Cadets.  If you have a uniform by them make sure it is clean and neat.  There are two main services that we attend…Cenetaphe and Barndt Centre.  The Cenetaphe is generally for the older Cadets and are chosen by the officers.  If you think you want to do this please make sure you see Supply in the next 2 weeks to get sized for a parka, gloves and toque.  The rest (majority) of the Squadron will be at the Brandt Centre.  Cadets will arrive through the players entrance on the south side of the building between 9:30am-9:45am.  Some cadets will be on parade, the rest will help with the offortory.

11 Dec 2015:   Fundraising Dinner.  Once again Siman Auto has asked the Cadets to act as servers and dishwashers at their Staff Christmas party.  We are looking for 6 Cadets from Level 3 and above to do the service(530pm start) and then help with the cleanup.  We will also be looking for 2-3 other cadets to help around 8PM-11ish with the cleanup.  Signup and more details will be available in the next few weeks.  The staff will choose the servers from the signup list.

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