Announcements – 16 December 2015

There will be shooting on Sunday from 12:00pm – 3:30pm  If you are interested please signup or e-mail Capt Sweitzer at if you are unable to attend on Wednesday night.  If there are spots open you will be added to the list.  No uniforms.

Ground School:
Ground school will be on Sunday – 6:30pm – 9:00pm. All welcome but must be level 3 and 15 years old to write the exam.   Recommend bringing a USB key and a copy of From The Ground Up.  Make sure you are studying the exam is coming up Jan 6th.

Flight Sims
No flight sims

Drill Team:
No Drill Practice

No Band


No Curling until after we start back in January.

Christmas Party:
Next week will be the last parade night until the 6th of Jan.  We will be doing all kinds of fun stuff, dress in your most festive attire and win prizes.  We ask that everyone bring a non perishable food donation for the food bank.

Christmas Break:
The Squadron will be on stand-down (no Cadets) from 23- Dec to 5 Jan.  We will start up again on 6 January.

Easter Trip:
This year we are planning a 3 day trip to Minot over Easter break.  We need to start submitting paperwork to region so the sign up will be out now.  Please sign up this Wednesday night if you are interested.  We will also require a photocopy of the passport.

Field Exercise:
The next Field Exercise for the Squadron will be on 22-24 January at Saskadet.  Please signup on Wednesday night if you can make it.  You must attend at least 1 FTX per year.  If you did not attend in October you should plan to attend this one in  order to pass your training level.

Summer Courses
Summer Course information and signups will be coming out very shortly.  The time line to register for Summer courses is VERY short.  Level One Cadets, your choice is simple….General Training.  Level 2 and up, you have choices to make.  Read the information that is available and make sure you meet the Age and or Training Level requirements.  Lt Drew has put the info out.  Each cadet received a package last week.  If you did not get one please see Lt Drew.  The forms are due on Wednesday night.

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