The Great Gingerbread Take Down

This past Wednesday concluded the last cadet night of the calendar year. The cadets finished out the year with a bang by participating in the activities conducted for the Christmas party. Letting their creative side emerge, each team of cadets battled each other in hopes of gaining the title for the Ultimate Ginger Bread house. 

Filled with determination, each team quickly got to work. Watching each team come together to achieve a goal was a phenomenal sight and a great reminder as to what the Air Cadet program is truly about. Within minutes, the cadets’ amazing creations filled the room. Each ginger bread house ranged from a runway for an aircraft, a vacation destination, amongst several other designs. 

It was a very memorable event. In the end, only one team could be crowned with the title but all had fun!

To all cadets and their families, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and see you again on January 6th!


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