Announcements – 13 January 2016

There will be shooting on Sunday from 12:00pm – 3:30pm  If you are interested please signup or e-mail Capt Sweitzer at if you are unable to attend on Wednesday night.  If there are spots open you will be added to the list.  No uniforms.

Weekend Activities:

Please refer to the calendar for all other weekend activities.


Curling will resume on the 12th. 5pm at the Tartan.  That will be the last open practice then the team will be selected and just the team will continue to practice.

Field Exercise:
The next Field Exercise for the Squadron will be on 22-24 January at Saskadet.  There are a few spots left for those who have not signed up yet.  Please signup on Wednesday night if you can make it.  You must attend at least 1 FTX per year.  If you did not attend in October you should plan to attend this one in  order to pass your training level.


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