Announcements – 20 Jan 2016

Sports Night
This week (20th) is sports night, and we have given it a Rainbow Bright theme. Come dressed in your most vibrant sports clothes, prizes for best dressed.

Field Exercise:
The next Field Exercise for the Squadron will be on 22-24 January at Saskadet.

To help keep costs down on the weekend, we are asking for donations of food for the meals.

Sign up and bring Food donations for Winter Field Ex . Sign up by clicking here, Also one more screened volunteer required.  If you are bringing an Item please click on the link and sign up for an item.  One, so we get what we need and two, we don’t get 100 bottles of salad dressing.

Extreme Pita Fundraiser
Key ring tags orders due!! Please hand in order forms and cash to Leslie.

Pasta Pizza Buffet
This fundraiser is at Tumblers Thursday January 21st – Please pick up the number of tickets you want and pay for them Wednesday night.

No Range Sunday.  The Range team has been picked:
– Eric S
– Michael P
– Jonathan F
– Josh C
– Daniel O
– Minwoo C

The range is now only open to the team (and invited guests as seen fit by the RSO) over the next few weeks while we train for Zones.  The Zone competition will be on Saturday 27 Feb.

Weekend Activites:
See the Activities calendar on the main page.

New Parent Information session
 January 20 7:05 to 8:30

Feeling overwhelmed when you hear the CO wants help ASAP for the FTX and prep for ACR coming up… and all you can think is that you just want to buy a vowel?

On Wednesday January 20, from 7:05 to 8:30 PM we will be having a parent information and question & answer session. Find out what all the acronyms mean, what we do all year long why we couldn’t do this without parents like you.

Mock Selection Boards
For those Senior Cadets that have applied for National Courses this summer.  There will be Mock Selection Boards held on Wed 20 Jan to help get you prepared.  Come in full uniform and bring sports clothing for after.

50/50 ticket Fundraiser
The Progressive 50/50 draw books are available for sale on Wednesday nights.  Please see the sponsors on the parade Square at dismissal to signed out books for sale.

Debit/Credit card machine:
There is a debit machine now available for purchases if needed

Tartan 5-6pm Tuesdays.  This is now closed to the curling team. (Dale, Atymichuk, Iannetta, Brown, Perry)

Door Prizes:
Looking for door prize donations for Family Dance being held Feb 13th. Tickets $5 each or family $20. Can bring a friend. Tickets available Wednesday, please bring prizes Wednesday.

 A second run of Sqn onesie orders will happen this week, see Capt Giesinger to fill out an order.  If you have not paid for your onesie from the first order please do so.

Effective Speaking
Practices start January 31 from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.  Have your prepared 5-6 minute speech ready for the first practice.

Easter Trip:
This year we are planning a 3 day trip to Minot over Easter break.  The signup is now closed.  More details closer to departure in March.

Vimy Ridge:
The Squadron is planning a EF Tour trip to Vimy France over Easter NEXT YEAR (2017)  If you are interested and not yet signed up, please see Lt K Drew.  You are 100% responsible for funding.

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