Poppy Day & Refresher Weekend

Poppy Day

8 Cadets have been selected to help participate with Poppy Day activities. Each of you have been emailed with details on where and when to be.  If you have any questions please e-mail the squadron e-mail address or call and leave a message at the office.

Refresher Weekend

Just a reminder it starts at 9am at the armoury and goes through until 2pm Sunday.
Do not wear your uniform, but be sure to bring it.

In case you missed the list things to bring, here it is again:

  • Toiletries (Tooth Brush & Paste, Face Cloth & Soap, etc)
  • Change of cloths
  • Sleeping cloths
  • Sleeping bag/blanket & Pillow
  • Personal sized air or foam mattress if you have
  • Bring all parts of your uniform
  • Boot polish, cloth etc.
  • Water bottle

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